What files do I download when joining the network?

These are in-game files that are automatically downloaded for you upon connecting to of our gameservers. These files are downloaded directly into your CS:GO directory. Some files are automatically downloaded network-wide or are associated to particular gamemode(s).

We try our best to minimize the amount of files required to join our network to prevent the annoyance of first-time joiners experiencing a lengthy download time. After your first connection to a server on our network you will NOT have to download these files again unless your CS:GO directory was wiped or you manually deleted them. The origin server that houses these files is located in Seattle and distributed through Cloudflare's CDN.

At first glance this may seem quite complicated if you've never browsed these files before. Here is a quick guide explaining what these files & directories are used for on our network.

On our Github we further explain what type of files you download and what they're used for. You may also download and view these raw files.

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