How do I use the GOTV system?

Downloading and knowing how to access your demos can be quite complicated for users who have never done it before. Here is a guide on how to properly use our GOTV system.

We offer both Text Instructions or an optional YouTube Video.

Video Demo:

Text Instructions: 
1.) Visit select the server and find the demo of your match. 
2.) Download the .dem file. 
3.) Go to your Steam game library. 
4.) Find CS:GO, right click and select Properties 
5.) Go to Local Files > Browse Local Files. 
6.) Enter the csgo folder and create a folder called demos
7.) Drag your downloaded .dem file into the demos folder. 
8.) Type demoui in your console or press SHIFT + F2. 
9.) Select Load and enter the demos folder. 
10.) Find your .dem file and double click it launch the demo! 

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